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Operations in level 2 and Covid-19

Hi all,

We will be operating in level 2 following a brief trip to visit my ailing father in Hawkes Bay.

We expect to be available to operate from the 20th May.

Ocean 2, our wonderful tour boat can comfortably take 2 separate bubbles. One group up to 6 (back of boat) and another group 4 maybe 5 (Bow of boat) if a family or friends in a bubble.

We will only take a maximum of 10 people for each trip.

Keep in touch, message us or call to discuss your group. I will be posting a limited time special deal shortly.

We look forward to seeing you.


Skipper and Owner - Cathedral Cove Cruises

The Triple C Cruise

Coves, Caves & Coastline

Cruise Time Approx 2.5 hours

  • Morning Cruise 9:30am - Return 12:00pm
  • Afternoon Cruise 1:00pm - Return 3:30 pm
  • Evening Cruise 4:00 pm - Return 6:30pm

Tour Price

  • Adults: $95.00
  • Children (under 15) $60.00 (under 5 yrs free)

Group Booking Welcome on all tours.

The Double C Cruise

Cove & Coastline

This tour is IDEAL for those who don't have a lot of time but still want to see the spectacular scenery of Cathedral Cove.

Cruise Time Approx 1.5 hours

  • Early Morning Cruise 7:30am - Return 9:00am

Tour Price

  • Adults: $70.00
  • Children (under 15) $35.00 (under 5 yrs free)

What you might see on your cruise

  • Seals – In the winter months we see them lazing about on the rocks and occasionally swimming in the kelp
  • Bird life – A number of amazing sea birds from the majestic Gannet (Booby) to the wonderful blue penguin
  • Marine Life – either via snorkelling yourself, getting up close with the wonderful fish life in the marine reserve or using our Bathyscopes from the side of the boat an up close view of the sea life under the surface is a fantastic experience
  • Dolphins – these wonderful mammals visit the area on occasion. No guarantees that you will see them but we will keep an eye out on the tour * Dolphins are not resident in Whitianga waters, seeing Dolphins is a bonus.
  • Orca – Orca visit from time to time a truly magnificent site if we are lucky enough to have them cross our path. *Orca come and go late in the year not a normal sight seen on the tours but are extraordinary when we have a visit in the area.

seal cathedralcovecrusiesCathedral Cove Cruises has been approved by the New Zealand Department of Conservation to view Whales, Dolphins or Seals if they are encountered during a scenic boat tour. 

We do not charge extra for this service as we cannot guarantee you will always see local marine mammals. 
When whales, dolphins or seals are seen during a scenic boat tour, Cathedral Cove Cruises adheres to strict rules to guarantee they always remain safe and are never distressed by our presence.

You can also view amazing fish life in the marine reserve from inside the boat. We carry 2 Bathyscopes on our vessel to enable you to see clearly below the surface of the water. Charge you mobile phone and camera before you come and use it to take a unique video of the fish as they cruise below the boat. A great option for winter and for those that don’t want to swim.

Bathyscope fish image