Customised Charter

Catering to groups and families is a specialty of ours. We love the interaction with families and groups as it gives us the opportunity to custom fit a tour for your group.
On a Customised Charter some of the options you can have.
  • Extended snorkeling time – we can omit some of the scenic touring to allow for more time in the water.
  • Swimming expeditions – We have a spot where the keen swimmer can swim inside an amazing sea cave often packed with fish, and this is an area where water clarity can be unbelievably good. Here is also an opportunity to swim into the blow hole.
  • Food and drink – You are welcome to bring a picnic, snacks and something to quench the thirst on our custom tours.
  • Fun for kids – We have some additional tricks up our sleeve to really get the fun meter up , bring your camera or video to capture these wonderful moments.
  • Photography – A specialty for us. We aim to position the boat for the best photograph.
  • Special Occasions – If you have something special in mind we can plan a tour together to meet your expectations.
Cathedral Cove Scenic Cruises
Cathedral Cove Scenic Cruises