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Coves, Caves & Coastline

Cruise time approximately 2.5 hours

~ Morning Cruise 9:30am – Return 12:00pm ~ ~ Afternoon Cruise 1:00pm – Return 3:30 pm ~ ~ Evening Cruise 4:00 pm – Return 6:30pm ~

Tour Price

~ Adults: $95.00 ~ ~ Children (5 to 15) $60.00 (4 and under free) ~

Cove & Coastline

This tour is for those who do not have a lot of time but still want to see the spectacular scenery of Cathedral Cove.

Cruise Time 1.5 hours

~ Early Morning or Evening ~

~ Cruise 7:30am or 4:00pm ~

Tour Price

~ Adults: $70.00 ~

~ Children (5 to 14) $35.00 (4 and under free) ~

Catering to groups, families and special occasions is a specialty of ours. We love the group interaction and gives us the opportunity to custom fit a tour for your group.


One of the many exclusive action shots set up by the skipper.